A Bus always seems to make the News


"Not all bus plunges were judged equal by the foreign desk, according to Siegal." It was better when buses plunged in countries with short names," he says. "A bus plunge in Peru was infinitely easier to deal with than a bus plunge in Argentina or Paraguay" (Jerz).

After reading the article from the website of Dr. Jerz, I thought of how much technology has changed the world. It is amazing that we can post blogs, quickly watch breaking news (online), listen to music anywhere, and much more. If it wasn't for technology, then how could we publish these quick "bus plunge stories." It would take weeks before we heard about it if it had occurred in Europe or somewhere not close to the reporting station.

In today's world, we can simply go online to send emails, blogs, music, pictures, etc. It literally happens with a blink of an eye. Take the recent example that Dr. Jerz referred us to on the Potomac River. See how quick it was online? It was quick.

So, if your a news writer and need to fill a small space with information and the deadline is in 30 minutes, then what will you do? Well, put a "bus plunge" article in it. As the quote describes, it seems that a smaller country name will be better than a long drawn out name that takes more space.

Take a short countries name for example, "Bus Plunges in Peru!"

compared to...

"Bus Plunges in United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland."

Which would you us for your news article...?

Click here for the course web page devoted to bus plunges.


I am amazed to at the fact we listen to mucic where ever. An the fact that we can get into blogs to comment, and the expansion of technology in general blows my mind. Its difficult to as it expands. I found the comment, "Bus Plunges in Peru" quite creative perhaps. I think the article I would pick would be Bus Plunges in New York. The area is mobbed. But thinking internationaly I like the one you picked. If you are more specific. Rather than a braoder country Great Britain is long. An not specific enough.

It is weird that technology has changed so much and there's always that debate: is it for the better? Everything's automatic now. There's less investigative journalism because things break too fast.

Quick, uneventful story having nothing to do with newswriting. I went to The Shoe Depot yesterday to purchase a purse that I did not buy last time I was there (I was trying to avoid impulse buying.) I went up to the cash register, swiped my debit card and hear a strange, oddly familiar beeping noise. I thought nothing more of it until the cashier tapped her fingers impatiently on the cash register and said something like "Our new store is getting flat-screens but we still have dial-up internet." I was shocked, and I have to admit somewhat appalled, that a store in 2009 has dial-up. It was at that point that I realized how far we've come, even in my short life-time. I rememeber sitting for 10 minutes while my computer loaded so that I could check my email. Now I just send you this message with the click of my mouse.

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