A Variety of Sources - A Life of Giving

After reading the personality profile, I was shocked at how many sources there were. One was from a restaurant critic and another from a professor and another from a poultry owner and so on. It was refreshing to read this article because of how many sources and the variety of comments that were provided.

It was also interesting to read how Waters is not only bettering herself, but also the community around her. She is making the economy better because she must buy strawberries and other types of products.

Finally, the article not only talks about the ride to the restaurant and the duties that Waters does, but it mentions her educational history and the type of personality this woman has. She is not out to earn a ton of money, but she is out to promote a better future for people and the community around her.

So, do you think that this article received first place because it has such a variety of sources or because it is such a deep hearted profile of a giving woman?

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