Ex 3: Accident Report

Elizabeth Mount College (EMC) — Security Chief, Robert Chase, witnessed a car incident outside of Alumni Hall on Sept. 14, 2009, that injured a pedestrian.

The driver, Karl Klaushammer, was negotiating a turn on the east entrance to the Alumni Hall Gallery.

The pedestrian, Sharon Pierce, a fourth year undergraduate and resident of Columns Hall, was exiting Columns Hall and was struck about 15 feet north of the crosswalk.

“A man in an EMC hoodie was spotted running south along college drive” said Chase.

The pedestrian was treated on site by an ambulance, but declined transport.

"Klaushammer was observed by this officer to be in distress and reported that a package that was in his back seat was apparently taken” said Chase.

The male was six feet tall, 200 pounds, and disappeared into the wooded lot beyond the chemistry parking lot.

“Klaushammer was advised to stay alert while driving through campus and to keep important articles locked in his trunk” said Chase.

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