The News and I - Class Reflections and the Concept of Selectivity

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A reoccurring theme in my group (#1) was the concept of selectivity and each person had specific information that they focused on when talking the news.

The first presenter was Wendy and she watches the news for weather in her hometown of Ocean City, MD. She mentioned a very interested idea about the news and how her parents were against her watching coverage from the special events in history, (e.g. 9/11). Overall, her project was very well developed through a Power Point slide show.

The second presenter was Jennifer Prex who wrote a blog on how she partnered up with her friend in order to write a newspaper article. The reporter only photographed four of the twelve people which resulted in a bias because the reporter only chose specific people to photograph. Jen mentioned that the article contained errors and a specific age bias that stated "teens." Jenn said that some of the people were teens, but most were of a different age group. Jenn stressed how a reporter needs to put their heart into an article and dedicate theirselves in order for the article to be successful.

The third presenter was Aja who selected specific websites that she relates with when she hears the word news. Some of them included, Soup, the Setonian, and the Kane Show from OC. Aja enjoys getting her news from online databases, but specifically the Kane Show. The only time she watches the television news is when an important event occurs such as 9/11 or Michael Jackson's death.

Josie, Mike, and Andrew all mentioned that they have limited time to access the news or they simply do not want to watch it. Josie said that she wrote a play about how she tries to avoid the news. Mike mentioned that CNN is his homepage, but while being in Rome he did not watch or hear of much news. Finally, Andrew said that he does not have time for the news, but the television is more convenient than the radio (My bias would agree).

Lastly, Greta, Dianna, and Malcolm talked about how the news is everywhere and people are surrounded by it in everything they do. Malcolm specifically wrote a poem talking about how the news is controlled by the parents companies and the news does not put the viewer first, but rather their position of being the best.

Overall, all of the presenters did a great job, but each person had a selective area that they associated with when speaking about the news. This included the news being bias, or people not watching the news at all or only watching the news for important events and many others. The idea of each person being selective is important because it shows how everyone has a different view of the news and no one person is alike when talking about how someone receives the current events. Great Job group!

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Wow! It sounds like you guys had a fun time. You had a variety of ways of presenting and your group sounds like it had a lot of interesting things to say. Using a madia source like the internet is a great way to convey feelings about the news. Good job everyobody!

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