Reflection #1: News Worthiness vs. News Wordiness

After reading Wendy Scott’s blog entry from Cappon’s text, I thought about how newspaper writing needs to be fact based instead of containing wordiness. Wendy listed three questions that every writer should consider before composing a news article or even an academic paper. They included, “Have I said what I meant, Have I put it as concisely as possible, and Have I put things as simply as possible” (Scott). After reading the questions, it made me think about how I want or have read a news article. As readers, we want the facts and not just information that fills space on the news paper. Wendy’s blog entry made me question the use of adjectives and specific “fancy” words. A writer may want to use an academic word, but the readers of the article may not understand it or want it. When trying to remove wordiness, it is more important to continually practice the skill rather than ignore the situation. Overall, Wendy’s blog entry made me realize how important factual articles are, than articles with words that are unnecessary and the purpose of filling space.

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