Reflection #2: Active vs. Passive

Wendy Scott’s blog entry presented me with several different ideas which revolved around the idea of being an active writer. When something important occurs, then I usually want to be in the front of it and finding out what happened. The "right branching sentence," stated in Wendy’s blog, made me think of a branch of words which resulted from a main idea. When an event occurs, quotes must be acquired, pictures taken, and facts processed which results in a “branching sentence.” In the last paragraph of Wendy’s blog, she mentions how news articles can be “democratic.” After thinking how a news article can be influenced towards one side, I thought about news commentary on the recent election. All newspapers consist of different writers and editors and each person’s bias will get into the articles somewhat. A paper or news article can be democratic because of how people feel about a subject. This bias needs to be put aside, but sometimes it ends up being published through a quote, a joke, or a metaphor.

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