Reflection #4: Writing with Attitude

Angela’s blog entry not only made me realize how important writing with a purpose is, but also that writing with specific facts is the key to a great article. If someone writes about a beautiful campus, then the reader will think of a picture in their minds from when they were in school. I began to think about how important it is to show an audience instead of telling them the information. As a reader, we want to read the facts quickly, instead of simply reading a lot of information that is not necessary. Angela used a quote from a news article that was published about Youngstown, Ohio. It involved a restaurant car incident and used the word “sliced” which made the article have much more personality, than simply saying “crashed.”If an article contains only the facts and quotes, then a reader will become bored, but if an article contains words and phrases that a reader can relate to, then it will be much more interesting. Finally, I understand that an obituary cannot contain these types of words or phrases because of how serious a death is to everyone.

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