Reflection #10: The Daily Words: Fact or Lie

Angela wrote a very interesting blog entitled "You don't have to be perfect" which made me think about the newspaper as being a person instead of a factual, non-human source. She mentioned about how everyone has someone that they trust in their life. What if that person lied to you every day? I bet that you would not believe that person very much and would not have much faith in them. It is this type of behavior that can be related to the newspaper. The newspaper seems to have too many lies or mistakes in it and this is causing people to become very upset. The newspaper workers get paid, with money, for what they do, so their behavior in editing the paper should be very good. The famous line of “everyone makes mistakes” holds true, once again, in this situation. It’s okay to have a few mistakes because a paper has many sections and pretty comprehensive. The overall paper should be much different meaning that it should be mostly-error free. If the newspaper employees do not care for their jobs and this is why the errors are occurring, then they need to find employment elsewhere. The newspaper comes with a dedicated task of informing the public, but it should not inform them with errors that could be edited.

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