Reflection #11: The Power of Having No Name

After reading through Josie’s blog entry entitled, "The best quotes are those where the speaker is remembered -Anonymous,” I thought that she made many good points about the use of writing an anonymous quote or source. Josie mentioned that if someone is humiliating another person or group, then they should have the right to know who that person was. I think this is part of the reason of why people read the paper because not everything is clear or cited. This leads into the issue of citing someone as anonymous because they want to keep their privacy. The key word that Josie mentioned was how an article or paper keeps it reliability. I think that if a paper contains quotes that are continually anonymous, then the readers will begin to question what is true. No matter what the topic is, I believe that if someone wants to be anonymous, then they should have the personal right to do so. I highly agree with Josie and how several anonymous sources/quotes can lead to a paper’s dismal finish.

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