October 12, 2004

Pulling It All Together

All marriages are mixed marriages.
Chantal Saperstein

Its time to look back at the huge blogging frenzy recently experienced on "A Storybook of Quotes."

Well, it is obvious that I've been a busy bee when it comes to classic American literature. Poe, Emerson, Hawthorn, Bierce, and Melville; what can I say other then I'm an amazingly apt procrastinator. (Hence the frenzy.)

I do think that several of the blog entries I've writen have been of note however.
For example:
In Emersoned Out I expressed why I feel the way I do about the transcendentalist movement, much to the disappointment of my fellow classmate Stephan Puff.
Then in A Workaholic, I compared the classic work of Herman Melville with our modern day counterpart, the movie Office Space.
I also have to mention When Emotions Get In The Way. The most outside research went into this blog entry comparing abuse with the relationships in The Scarlet Letter.

Not all of my blog entries come straight to my mind. Sometimes it helps to be a member of the blogging community of Seton Hill.
Paul was able to help develop my idea for An Interesting Occurrence.
A comment I made on Tiffany's blog spawned In Over His Head.
Emersoned Out was also my reaction to the class discussion.

I know that I can't manage all of my blogging without the supporting or disagreeing comments from my classmates. I can't be a hypocrite however, so I do the same for them.
The best example of me sharing the little insight I have is found on Tiffany's blog on Edgar Allen Poe.
However, I also offered my opinion to Nikki Moses for her "An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge" entry.
But I didn't stop there! Oh no, I went on to comment on Puff's entry on the same topic. (Presented in a different format of course.)

It is nice to pull everything together. : D

Posted by Diana Geleskie at October 12, 2004 12:24 AM
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