January 25, 2007

Kicking a Dog When Its Down - Doesn't Work

And some last energy rose up in Bernice, for she clinched her hands under the white cloth, and there was a curious narrowing of her eyes that Marjorie remarked on to some one long afterward. . . . Suddenly she drew in her breath sharply and an expression flashed into her eyes that a practised character reader might have connected vaguely with the set look she had worn in the barber's chair-- somehow a development of it. It was quite a new look for Bernice and it carried consequences.

F. Scott Fitzgerald "Bernice Bobs Her Hair"

When someone is down they have a tendency to, once back on their feet, come back with an overdeveloped sense of revenge. That is exactly what happened to Bernice.
They say that you can tell the nature of a person by looking deeply into their eyes. Well, Bernice’s eyes said it all. F. Scott Fitzgerald showed through this single-minded look of determination that Bernice was not one to be kicked without jumping back up to claim her dignity once again.

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