November 15, 2007

Reading Actually

"The truth is that many people everywhere are interested in almost everything."
Steve Wasserman, "Goodbye to All That"

The power of the masses started with the ability to read.

Interests. Not everyone had the same ones - if we did, it'd be a pretty boring world. I'm not going to claim to be an ideal reader, (most of the reading I've been doing lately has been required reading, my pleasure book has been sitting on my shelf almost all semester) I am going to claim that I love to read. And, to quote (or at least paraphrase) Dr. Jerz - Zoologists don't only play with cute animals.

Of course everyone is interested in almost everything. I don't think that there is a subject out there I could think of that didn't at least have somebody caring about it.

So Steve Wasserman, I agree, but I also don't think the point is very valid - it's like saying that the truth is there are a great many fish in the sea who are interested in almost all water.

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