May 13, 2004

Blog Monster

The blog monster is in your computer!!! I JUST KNOW IT IS!!!
Tiffany Brattina (1985 - )

Okay, this entry is basically a test. Feel free to stop reading now. : D

If I managed to get this one up on my computer, then everything is back to normal. For some strange reason, I couldn't get the entry Kidnapping Success! to post until I stole my sister's computer to try ONE MORE TIME. I actually tried to post that entry like a million times, it just never rebuilt, meaning it never showed up. Oh well, it is there now, so read it.

And yes, those of you who read Kidnapping Success! you'll notice that quote from Tiff is a comment. : D

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May 11, 2004

Kidnapping Success!

If my kids came through the window dressed like that, they'd be grounded.
Lindsay Reddington (1984 - )

Day one back in the swing of things was a complete smashing success!
Yesterday I woke up around the pleasant hour of 11:00. I made a doctor's appointment for 4:00 and got online. I made the mistake of talking to Emmy. When this happens, something else is bound to happen in the near future.
In this case, it was job hunting. The two of us strolled around downtown State College picking up applications until 3:45. While in my doctor's appointment, Emmy filled out her applications and stared happily off into space. After I had been successfully checked out we headed off to the pathetically small Nittany Mall.
The job hunt didn't really continue there. I mean, give us a break! Instead, we looked at diamonds. I got to show off my true girlyness to our amazing fun salesclerk who was delighted to make fun of us while showing us the entire line. If only I had a couple thousand dollars to blow on a necklace . . .
By then, it was getting to be dinnertime. We settled on Chinese. This is where the really fun began.
Emmy started to describe the great American novel that she was planning to write. She came up with the idea while she was bored to write the great American novel but then realized she didn't have any ideas. So using a fallback plan, it became a road trip across the US. Emmy, Lindsay, Lindsey, Mandy, and I were making a road trip to California. Except we wouldn't be doing this the boring way. We would spend a week in each state in the continental US on our way. Much more interesting and it makes for a longer book.
While discussing this great novel Emmy was proposing, we ended up insulting several states. This wasn't an intentional thing, it just happened. Listen to these examples: "If white kids in Nebraska are doing it, you know the trend has been killed." and "Every bad thing in this country comes from New York."
After much discussion on these points, we came up with a three-pronged plan. Chocolate, Coli, Say Anything. The logic behind this plan was simple. We needed chocolate, we were going to kidnap Coli because I wanted to see her, and then we were going to watch Say Anything, because I had never seen it.
The plan went wrong from the beginning. Emmy got ice cream instead of chocolate and I got fruit slices along with chocolate.
The next disaster in the plan was Coli. We succeeded in scaring her to death when we got there. Yay for Coli's dad answering the door and Coli not bothering with peripheral vision! However, as we grabbed her to steal her away, she moans, "I have dinner in the oven!" As it ends up, we spent the next half hour at Coli's house. This didn't fit in with the "kidnapping" description we had hoped for. Oh well, time for phase three.
This was foiled too. While in transit, Emmy realized that Lindsay's house was along the way. We had one unsuccessful kidnapping, so it was time to attempt another. This time, I had Emmy's brother's hat to use as a mask. This made all the difference.
Emmy bursts into Lindsay's house without so much as a knock. Who should we see but Lindsay's mom looked completely startled. Emmy then bursts out, "We're here to kidnap Lindsay, where is she?" Lindsay's mom points, "She's right there, in the bathroom."
Lindsay emerges from the bathroom about two seconds later and we attack. We grabbed her and out the door we went. She didn't even have time to grab shoes. Kidnapping two was a success! While on a roll, we decided to go over and steal away Mandy.
Mandy again, no warning at all. This time we called Mandy's mom to let her know what was up, Coli and Lindsay's parents expect these kinds of things, but beyond those two, we should warn everyone else's parents. It was the same routine for Laura, except she had time to grab shoes.
Finally we head back to Emmy's. Instead of the movie right away though, we make s'mores in Emmy's front yard. Then it was upstairs to watch the movie. And as you guessed, it wasn't Say Anything. Everything else went off the plan so why should this one be any different? We watched Peter Pan. The live version. With the hot 15-year-old. Hence Lindsay's quote.
Even though it was completely off the original plan, all in all, success!

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May 8, 2004


When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: 'Whose?'
Don Marquis (1878 - 1937)

Oh how fun. Time for a re-certification in lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid.
So I wake up, this in itself is fairly impressive considering how badly I wanted to stay snug in bed, and head off to the Athletic Club at around 10:45.
I have no idea how long this re-certification will take; my guess wouldn't be that long - it was just a re-certification; all of those class members have been lifeguards for at least three years. Around 4:00 we begin to head home.
I'm sorry, it was torture! Swim the 500, check. Get the brick from the bottom of the pool, check. Do four "normal" rescues, check. Deep and shallow water back boarding, check. Do spinal injury rescues, check. Do two scenarios, check. Do two first aid wraps, check. Do infant, child, and adult CPR, check. Written test on everything, check. Should that have really taken 5 hours?

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May 7, 2004

A Duty to Fill

When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.
Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

This particular entry needs a dedication: for Tiffany Brattina

Anyway, the semester is over, thank God! I'm ready for the break!
As Tiffany has pointed out multiple times, if you look back through my blogging archives, you will see the most activity takes place over breaks. I guess that shows that I don't have that much of a life when I go home. In my defense, at school, if bored, I could walk across the hall or down the stairs and bother my friends. At home, in order to bother my friends I have to steal a car and drive across town. In other words, there is more down time, hence, more blogging.

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