August 30, 2006


“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”

Mahatma Gandhi

My personality may not be defined by the internet, but a little research on the topic could be done using online databases. Google, Yahoo,, Dogpile, along with the multitude of other search engines, can provide anyone with the power of the keyboard and .17 seconds access to a small section of my life. While every one of the about 53 hits on under the search of ‘Diana Kathryn Geleskie’ (without quotes) is either in reference to myself or someone directly related to me, they don’t portray me very accurately.

The very first hit seems to be at odds with the above statement. After all, the first hit is for, a website that I designed and (supposedly) update. This website was my first dive into the hyperspace scene of the internet. As such, it reflects the personality of a much younger girl. It is graphic ridden and severely lacking in any kind of content. This type of internet exposure was what I thought I wanted when I made the website, but at this point, it has become something that every time I think about, the desire to change the entire scheme emerges. Lack of time is the culprit in the continued un-updated state of Despite this lack of devotion to the website design, my preferred email address is still This conflict of interests in my internet protocol tells more about my personality than even a through search of the first Google hit.

The other hits Google managed to slap onto my name aren’t as revealing upon first appearances as target number one. For example, one of the top hits is for “Girl Scout Canoe Races - Race Results.” Yes, I can proudly say that I am indeed the Diana Geleskie to which these race results refer. While this little bit of information drifting about in cyberspace may not seem to reveal much about my personality at first glance, it reveals me more accurately than I say this because of the source, the Girl Scouts of America (GSA). Yes, as is obvious from the reference, my name has had a constant link with the association. This shows a little bit about the values I hold because GSA has a readily available set of values that are upheld by its members.

Such results show a mish-mashed picture of a vague personality that just happens to be mine. Anyone searching for such a portrait of me through the internet will have one, though it may not necessarily be one that is entirely accurate in its current state, it does reveal aspects of myself that are accurate.

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