November 3, 2006

Beat the Devil, Hopefully Into Submission

"Given a choice between two theories, take the one which is funnier."
-- Blore's Razor

The interactive fiction game Beat the Devil is listed as one of the humorous games available. Well the only real humor I found in it was my complete inability to achieve anything throughout the course of the game. (Okay, so this isn't entirely true, I managed to get 10 points for getting rid of sloth, but I had to use the walkthough in order to get that much done.)

The point is, I can't handle the lack of instruction in the game; though I have a feeling this is just a quality of interactive fiction and I'm lost in it. I guess I like being told what I should be doing or at least seeing what it is that could be attempted. I don't particularly feel that I have a bad imagination, quite the contrary. (This being the reason I don't watch scary movies.) I just can't figure these games out.

The version of HHGG that I played and enjoyed I feel is the kind of interactive fiction I could actually get into. Though even admitting this I feel guilty, it has an image screen above the text. I'll admit, it doesn't show you exactly what is going on, but having that little image there made all the difference while playing that game.

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