A New Kind of Strategy

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In the Pac-Man Dossier, Jamey Pittman took a really unique approach to the traditional strategy guide that is available for most games. I thought that approach really spoke to those gamers who have a great appreciation of classic videogames like Pac-Man. Sometimes, strategy guides can diminish the fun of a certain game, unless you are someone who can only have fun by winning. I think a true gamer enjoys the challenge of figuring it out for themselves.

It was especially interesting to see what thought went into developing the game as well. I think because of the graphics and the older premise, we tend to think that the plot and the time that went into developing the game is also "not as good." But the in-depth look at each of the characters shows that there really is more to the game that we seem to always describe as simplistic.

I really appreciated Pittman's approach to Pac-Man and the time he put into this guide.

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Jeremy Barrick said:

I do not feel that strategy guides ruin the fun of the game. I think the opposite. They enhance the fun of it. When you get stuck or just cannot beat a particular board, they reallly help you out. Yes, I understand the fun lies in trying to beat a game on your own, but beating it, period, is fun.

keith Campbell said:

I think in a game like pac man it is fun to figure it out yourself instead or reading strategy guides. This is only because pac man is not a difficult game to begin with so it is more fun to just play freely.

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