A Theory of Fun was actually fun!

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I was surprised to find how interesting Koster's text, A Theory of Fun, was for me to read. I know that sounds pretty awful, but I know there are some others who would agree with me in that class texts aren't always the most interesting. However, I really enjoy Koster's writing style and he does a great job of explaining exactly what he is discussing along with why it's important.

In Chapter One, Koster discusses why we should even study games in the first place. He says that "Games are now a major cultural force," which I completely agree with. I think that any form of media that has had such an impact on children and adults alike needs to be studied more closely. A lot of claims have been made concerning aspects such as violence in games, but they have been made without a lot of in-depth research of the games themselves. I think it's time for society to take a closer look.

In Chapters Two and Three, Koster looks at games themselves and how the brain works while playing them. I thought that these two chapters were particularly interesting. I think that Koster is correct in his discussion of learning and that games really do teach us. The learning side of games is the aspect that people today really need to look at more in-depth.

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