Mods are great!

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I think mods are one of the best invetions of the video game industry. Gamers already feel as if they are a part of the game world that they enter each time they play, and there is a strong desire to mold that world into something more of your own. Mods allow gamers to do that.

I like how Dr. Jerz also mentioned that it keeps gamers interested, which is why companies allow them I think. If I were a game designer, I would be a little apprehensive of letting gamers create their own levels or maps because of those copyright issues that Dr. Jerz talked about. I think that keeping them interested though outweighs that apprehension. Gamers want control and like the ability to change the game to what they would like to play most. Mods are what's going to keep those gamers returning to that old game sitting in the cabinet that is out-dated compared to newer purchases.

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Jessie Krehlik said:

I'm sure companies use mods as a form of inspiration also, don't you think? As creative as their team may be, there's always gonna be some way to further serve their audience. What better way to see what the audience likes than to let that same audience create it themselves? Sure it might not be perfect in the mod, but why shouldn't the game designers and programmers take that into consideration when they come out with a new game or a sequel?

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