Moving Forward: Portfolio 2

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As the Video Game Culture and Theory course has continued on into its second week, I think we as a class are really digging deep. With topics like gender, story, and coding, we have looked at almost every aspect of gaming in preparation for our final task: theorizing some type of gaming issue and presenting it in both a research paper as well as an online project. Reading through all of our responses, I think we are well-prepared. Here is a listing of all of my blog entries from Week 2 that exhibits my coverage of all of the posted topics...

In some of these entries, I went more in depth and looked closely at the presented topic. In Bringing a Conflict Closer to Home, I examined several different aspects of the game called Darfur is Dying. First, I related it to myself and my initial reaction to the game, because it is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. From there, I incorporated an article that discussed the game as well. Then I added my own personal outlook on the game to conclude. Including these three things shows my in-depth look at the game Darfur is Dying.

When we were asked to blog about the Super Columbine Massacre RPG, I got really into the discussion. In my own blog, The Super Columbine Massacre RPG, I took the stance that this game was not a good idea. I saw the point behind it, but I didn't think the game was created tastefully. Keith talked about how this game could be used as an educational tool, and I respectfully disagreed in my comment. I noted one point that I agreed with, yet added my own thoughts as well.

As far as discussion, I think several of my blogs have inspired and sparked talk about some interesting topics. We were asked to read Leslie Rodriguez's blog about Lara Croft and women's image in video games, and she actually commented back and for with me on my blog Sex Sells. In my blog A New Kind of Strategy, I was excited to see Jeremy's comment that disagreed with me. I appreciate it when someone has another viewpoint and it was nice to see that Keith commented on that blog as well. Susan and I also discussed the effects of the civilian death toll in the Middle East on my blog Unnecessary Casualties.

My Unnecessary Casualties blog also was written a day early, which allowed for plenty of time for a discussion to develop. Sex Sells was written in a timely manner as well. Ethical Responsibility is a good example of xenoblogging, because I link to both Jeremy's and Jessie's blogs. I gave them credit when I used and built off of their ideas. I also was the first to comment on several people's blogs, including Jessie's Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater and Matt's Scott Adams' Prediction, which are also good examples of xenoblogging.

My wildcard entry would have to be The Super Columbine Massacre RPG. I think it was a game that really deserved some good discussion. I enjoyed talking about it and that game, along with Darfur is Dying and September 12, really got an opinion out of me. Usually I am more reserved about what I have to say, but I think I spoke my mind finally in this blog.

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