The Final Stretch: Portfolio 3

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To begin, here is a list of every blog entry that I posted for the third and final week of the Video Game Culture and Theory course:


As far as depth in blogging portfolio for this week, I would have to choose the entry If you want to play, you have to agree to my terms. In this blog, we were asked by Susan to discuss TOS agreements and whether or not children are capable of deciphering them. I thought I did a good job of analyzing the sample TOS agreement that she provided, and I also pointed out a new fact: that there was bold-faced print in that particular agreement. I posed a question to my classmates at the end as well, which they responded to. I think I covered all of the bases in this entry.

For interaction, I have tried to keep up with as many of my fellow classmates' blogs as possible. I commented on Jeremy's blog when he mentioned Call of Duty, which I had been taking a look at in my research. I also posted on Jessie's blog when I found a particular aspect of her thoughts on TOS agreements very interesting.

Several of my blogs inspired a fair amount of discussion, including the previously mentioned If you want to play, you have to agree to my terms. I also talked about violence and whether or not video games inspire it in children who play. In response, Matt, Susan, and Jessie all posted their thoughts and comments. Jessie even posted some statistics that supported our shared opinion, and I think Jessie and I got a good discussion out of this blog and others as well.

I posted all of my blogs on time which I think helped to develop discussions. In particular, I got a fairly good response from It's all about the experience. I posted this entry on the day it was due and I also was one of the first couple of people to post. I even received a comment from an outside gamer on that entry as well.

What you want is what you get was a really good example of xenoblogging, because I mentioned and also linked to Jessie's blog, which really inspired my discussion of the topic. I previously mentioned Jeremy's blog where he mentioned Call of Duty, which was one of the games that I had been researching. I commented on his blog, letting him know my appreciation for the game and how I was using it in my research paper. I was the first to comment on Cody's blog where I said that I appreciated his opposing opinion compared to my own.

For my wildcard choice, I am going to choose my presentation blog, Historical video games are more than just fun. I don't know if that's a far entry to choose, but I think it was one of the best examples of my work. I really incorporated a lot of different sources, including videos and articles, in order to illustrate my ideas.

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