History Does Repeat Itself


As I have mentioned in previous entries, last years softball season was nowhere near where it should've been. Most of us spent more time being miserable than we did enjoying ourselves. The incompetency of our former coach completely ruined our 2010 season, which I believe is a shame.

And here, many months later, we find ourselves in a similar position, as we dread our season before it has even begun.

We cannot understand how we came to be in this place and state of mind again after such promising progress this fall. It's so frustrating to be let down again and again. We're tired of not getting the respect that we deserve and being treated like children. We were given false hope and it has pushed some girls to their wits end. They don't see the point anymore. We thought it couldn't get any worse than last year, but here we are. If we aren't going to be taken seriously, why should we take anyone else seriously?

It's a valid question don't you think?


I think you have a very good point here. If you want to be taken seriously, then shouldnt you do the same for them? It might be really difficult but you are obviously a very good, strong team so it shouldnt be a problem for you. I know how you feel though, I had a situation like that.

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