I'm about to hit the wall.


It's Week 2 of conditioning and I'm beginning to hit that wall.

Week 1 wasn't so horrible, I made it through pretty smoothly. But now the exhaustion is starting to set in. I can feel myself slacking and not paying as much attention in class as I should be. When I should be working ahead or finishing necessary homework, I am catching up on as much sleep as possible. With a big essay due on Monday, I can't seem to find the motivation to get it done ahead of time before Sunday rolls around and I have 8 pages to write. It's all accumulating and I am about to hit that wall.

With the stress and exhaustion starting to overcome me, of course my immune system is bound to become compromised, hence why I have been coughing and hacking for the past week or so. As if my busy schedule wasn't overwhelming enough, everything is made ten times harder due to not being 100%.

I know, this sounds like I am just complaining over and over again. Which, I guess I am. But my life is controlled by softball, so in order to know about me, you have to know about this. You would have to understand that each day I spend twice as much time at practice than I do in class or doing homework. It's all that I know right now, so it makes sense to write about it, whether it bores you or not :)

And once I get through next Monday, everything will be a little bit easier, and maybe then I can find something less depressing and complaining to discuss.


I know how you feel to have something that means everything to you and takes up all of your time. I wish you luck on your passion for this sport. What do you love so much about it?

This makes complete sense. That feeling of team spirit is worth so much. My interest typically do not allow team activities, so I am jealous of the comraderie you are able to experience at all times while doing something you love. I play tennis, so it is mostly me against another person.

I totally agree. Just today I had a 2 minute presentation for oral communications which I completely forgot about. This was definitely a wake up call for me. I need to focus on more important things && reevaluate my life & what Im here for. I totally agree with you, just keep your head up & focus !

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