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I was actually fairly happy with the simple website that I created for step one of our Web Portfolio project, but I know I can make it even better with the use of KompoZer. It will also be a lot easier!

Home Page

-a welcome/introduction/why I made this site

-links, links, and more links!



   -teaching page

   -journalism page

   -softball page

   -contact page

Teaching Page

   -sample lesson plans

   -sample activities created for lesson plans

   -philosophy of education statement

Journalism Page

   -sample articles

   -sample photographs taken

Softball Page

   -photographs of me playing

   -introduction including my experience as far as playing and coaching

   -statistics from previous years?

Contact Page

   -contact information (if I don't use this page, I will put my contact information on the home page)

   -sample resume created for previous class (created as if I have already graduated from school)?



It helps me to understand the project by looking at your site map. You have a lot of info to put on the web, but what is the overall argument or point you're trying to make about yourself?

This is very detailed and will make for a very interesting website. You dont have to include very much about yourself, just something to prove that you have a professional status at something.

BethAnne, I feel your site makes a good argument that you can do more than just teach English. Your site says there are many different skills you possess.

Careful with that Kompozer... It's not as great as it makes itself out to be :(

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