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February 26, 2006

Claim, Data, Warrant

When reading "All Joy O' The Worm' Or, Death By Asp or Asps Unknown In Act V Of Antony and Cleopatra". I found a few claims, data, and warrants however, I chose to go with the first one I found because it was pretty much set in stone.

Claim: North's account of the circumstances surrounding her end made free use of the industrious Jaques Amyot's 1558 translation. Plutarch himself left room for doubt and offered several hearsay explanations involving the asp.

Data: His source was supposedly her physician's memoirs, but these are not extant. He describes the Queen as an experimenter with poisons who had tried them out on condemned prisoners and had also heard that she concealed the poison in a hollor comb, a story which eliminated the asp altogether.

Warrant: The plethora of accounts is confusing but the consistent presence of the serpent, an age-old symbol of healing as well as of evil, has ensured popular preference for this most powerful version.

Is this correct? Let me know :)

Posted by ElyseBranam at February 26, 2006 07:54 PM


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