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A confused noise within: ”Mercy on us!” - “We split, we split!” -“Farewell, my wife and children!”  “Farewell, brother” -“We split, we split, we split!”


-From William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Act I, Scene 1


These lines really help to allow the audience to visualize Prospero's storm that sets into motion the rest of the story, but it is often fun and beneficial to actually see what you are reading after you have read it. I was already pretty familiar with The Tempest, so instead of rereading it, I looked for a BBC film adaptation of it online.  Although I couldn’t find the entire BBC film on youtube with real actors, I did find a BBC animated version that is surprisingly in line with the text.  It is shortened for viewing by children; however, it uses lines directly from the text and is very accurate (even referring to the Caliban’s attempted rape of Miranda).  If you need a refresher, this might help, plus it is really funny to see all of the characters in Claymation.


Part I

Part II

Part III 


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Derek Tickle said:

What a great entry, Erica! In my blog, I mentioned how McDonald analyzed the repetition that Shakespeare used. I mention the same quote in comparison to language.

A link to my blog:

I believe that Shakespeare's repetition represents how the characters are in a difficult event and want to emphasize how important it is. Also, Shakespeare used the words the characters were thinking about to engage the reader in a mental experience.

Great Entry and Quote!

This is a great idea Erica! I need to take a look at these. I sometimes have a hard time reading plays because they were meant for stage. It's easier to see the different characters interacting so you can pick up on the little things you may have missed while reading. I will definately have to check this out!

Jodi Schweizer said:

Way to go above and beyond! This was my first experience with the Tempest, and watching this helped me out alot with simple things as being able to put a face with a name. Thanks!

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