October 6, 2004

Poetry praise

Poetry=boring. Thats what i thought before our Dickenson & Poe Retro Lit Cover Slam in Dr. Jerz's class. I think although i wasn't comfortable presenting the poem in front of the class, i enjoyed everyone else's interpretations. I was greatly surprised how well some people did! The enthusiasm really attracted my attention.
Mindy's interpretations really stood out to me. She was so confortable and had such a strong voice and natural way of presenting. It really looked like she had done this before! She really got everyone's attention when she slammed her hand on the desk , insinuating for the horses to move rapidly in , " Tie the strings," by Emily Dickenson.
Amanda,Diana, and Tiffany did a great job at presenting The Bells., by Edgar Allen Poe. I thought the sound when they each overlapped one another while saying, bells, bells, bells sounded awesome. Could anyone else close their eyes and really hear " the bells"? I can only imagine that it was hard trying to stay up to beat and not lose their place, but it could have been even better if some small movement of some sort could have been incorporated. This poem makes me wonder what these bells represent. were these "bells" that Poe was hearing in his head? The continuous ringing of bells in your head could really make you go crazy, was he?
Shanna's interpretation of Emily Dickinson's " How Happy is the Little Stone," was a job well done. The fact that she had the stone as a visual aid, really made me stop and think how happy a stone is. They don't have to worry about how they look, or how much homework they have to get done! But , rather, they sit in the sun being happy , just being a stone. Haven't you ever wished you were something other than human so you didn't have the responsibilities of life? I'm pretty sure i have.
Even though i was extremely nervous about presenting my poem, I am actually looking forward to the next Poetry Slam (Did I say that?)

Posted by ErinManko at October 6, 2004 7:28 PM
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