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November 20, 2005

We the Media ch. 8-10

I learned from the beginning of the semester the importance of avoiding using certain websites (that just any enthusiast can make) as a source for class papers. Like internet journalism, it is easy to copy and paste or make claims without your own evidence. Anyone can be an online journalist with whatever they decide to post, but like the young woman who we discussed in class that blogged explicitly about her job and sex life online, it is easy to get sued. Then again, Sean Runt's presentation about the young journalist who asked some very conterversial questions became famous. That goes to show that rules of journalism in print and online are really not much different. With all the technology like the Ipod, Blackberry, etc. it is easy to access information, but like my mother some people don't have interest or patience to even turn on a computer while others make a living from it. Either way, good online journalism can be a fast way of checking the news without flipping through mounds of yellowing back issues. It is important to follow the rules of journalism regardless of what forms of technology are being used.

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