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December 06, 2005

This Girl's got spunk

"I bet if a road agent come in here, I could offer him a drink an' he'd treat me like a perfect lady."
This story really appealed to me because I have to admit I'm a fan of the Western cowboy thing and I love the fact that this Johnson whose a red-meat eating, tough guy becomes a puddle of mush for the Girl just as quickly as all the rest do. During this time when women weren't in charge of much of anything, I think that the Girl had to have grit to be able to put up with drunken "vaqueros" all day. She is before her time just as Hestor was, but in different ways. The Girl can rough house and trash talk with the best of him but becomes an eyelash-battering twit around her Johnson towards the end. To me, I think this melodramatic approach is what makes a couple great. If they a can make eachother act in ways they never have before, it shows that they have a great power over eachother and that's hard to find. I think the beauty question of Jay's was a good one because it really is so open-ended and it really is in the eye of the beholder. What draws me to someone is if they can change their emotions but still remain consistent. I really admired the Girl for the way that she had her "spunk" but could still be girly and not get made fun of for it. I can really relate to her and thus, I find the alpha male who can blush and be dorky to be just right for me.

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