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January 25, 2006

"Bernice Bobs Her Hair"

Agenda Item:"The womanly woman!" continued Marjorie. "Her whole early life is occupied in whining criticisms of girls like me who really do have a good time." I used to say that about girls who would sit and criticize other girls at lunch in high school. I always thought just because those girls didn't have a life didn't mean that they should criticize those of us that did. Now that I've grown up, I've realized that those are the girls who will end up successful later on in life because they are waiting for the right moment to become that social butterfly and once they do other girls will be jealous. I never had many boyfriends in highschool and I'm so glad I didn't because now I am dating a quality guy rather than relying on quantity. The most striking reference though, and this shall be my true agenda item, is the part about how Marjorie said Bernice might have been a victim of her Indian heritage and at the end Bernice "scalps" Marjorie. Whoever said "Nice guys finish last" was full of it. It may take longer for someone to get their social skills in order or even (referring back to Foster)finish their quest, but when they get there, they still manage to overthrow the bad guys (or girls, in the case of Marjorie). “Young boys too shy to talk are the very best conversational practice. Clumsy boys are the best dancing practice. If you can follow them and yet look graceful you can follow a baby tank across a barb-wire sky-scraper." I also liked this quote. I agree because I'm a talker thanks to shy guys, but I still try to lead every time I dance and step all over the poor guy's feet. Oh-well, I enjoyed this story anyhow.

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