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May 02, 2006

A farewell to blogs...for now!

Overview: I blog more and more each semester and thanks to Mike Rubino, I finally know how to post links. I got alot of great feedback from classmates on the plays we read and got better at making a thesis statement thanks to to the class in general. My favorite entries were about Truss and Haddon. I had alot of fun with Antony and Cleopatra, too. I think these are my most in-depth blogs yet. There's a wide selection here, enjoy!

Timeliness: Claim, Data, Warrant
Foster Ch. 10-12
Bowers Article
"Disillusionment poem"
I Heart You
Depth: Changes in Antony and Cleo critical essay
Haddon up to 119
Coverage: Diamond Age 1
To the very heart of loss
Comment Primo: I was the first to comment on Kevin and Danielle's blogs.
Comment Grande: Almost all of my comments on Amanda's blogs were super-long especially the ones about Haddon, W;it, and Diamond Age.
Interaction: Diamond Age 3
Is utopia obsolete?
Discussion: The Machine Stops
Sections 1, 3, 5
Foster 19 and 20
Wildcard: Original Sonnet
Comma Addicts Unite!
Haddon 2
Resurrection Blues

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Edson "W;t"

This story of Vivian's battle with ovarian cancer is touching and also raises a sense of awareness. It ties in well because we've been discussing diversity alot with Christopher's story and also the many ways that people adapt to changes in their emotions and enviroment (like in Resurrection Blues and The Diamond Age). Vivian deals with cancer by being strong and humorous. I love when she talks about the pelvic exam that Jason gave her. That would be so painful and awkward and she handles it well. I also thought the Donne poetry was a means of therapy for dealing with her cancer as well. Death frightens many and also lets people have regrets and then eventually realize what's really important in life. I find books to be very therapeutic myself. Whatever my emotions at the time are are usually reflected in what sorts of books I read. If I'm feeling cheesy and romantic, Nicholas Sparks, if I'm feeling silly, Judy Blume. I thought it was very sad that she was so cold to her students and never formed any ties with them. That would've helped with Jason alot. It's sad that she has to eat a popsicle with Susie instead of a loved one and that's the part that got me. It made me see how important it is to have love in your life whether it's for a friend or a child. The ending confused and surprised me at first, but because of the course of her life, I understand why she died this way, but it really goes back to not taking things for granted in the first place. This was a good way to end the semester's readings, because it was from a female perspective and it was about life as a whole. Thinking about what direction to take life is constantly on the mind of college students and professors alike, especially as the end of each year draws closer.

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