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October 12, 2006

How many links does it take to get....?

Ch. 14 Pet Peeves: Here’s my interpretation of the tips, if you please.
"Express a few pet peeves. Indulge your hobbyhorses. You'll make a more dramatic impression and therefore do a better job of reporting." (375)

Be creative and have your own opinions, don’t just be a constipated news anchor

Stick with the href="http://http://jerz.setonhill.edu/writing/technical/reports/reports2.htm">pyramid it allows you to get to the point with some good hooks.

Quotes and interviews show bias and capture the essence a little more. Check out Tiffany’s blog on Ch. 14-16.

The audience wants to feel like your partner in crime a little, let them.

Don't be afraid to show a little bias
Ch. 15 Webzines rock
This part was great because while it encourages you to stay within limits it allows you to get even more personal. Hale said to go for the "...gonzo, the rough-edged, the over-the-top." (406)

While you are encouraged to stay within limits, free you to get even more personal.

• Hale said it best. Go for the “…gonzo, the rough-edged, the over-the-top

• They are a great way of getting feedback and showing off your unique opinions and quirks.

• Here are some links to some webzines that you may find interesting.
Hunter S. Thompson may not have been webzine focused, he is a great example of going gonzo.

Christine Othitis wrote an article about gonzoism that really captures what Thompson started.
Want to learn more about him or re-live some of your favorite Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Moments? Try these, kids :)

• Here’s where you can start your own for free.www.crimsonzine.com/

Ch.16 Resumes are a part of growing up and faster to do online
“New opening new resume.” (423)
• Don’t use the same resume for every job.
• Tailor your resume to suit what position you are applying for.
• Similar lesson in Dr. Jerz’s previous class.
Sample resumes
• Looking for positions available in your field and area? Here are some good ideas.
I enjoyed practicing linking techniques and the chunking and bolding. Hot Text is extremely helpful for people who don’t quite get the technical side right off the bat. Tiffany really found a great site on the link. It also brought up some interesting discussion between Karissa, Cherie, Tiffany, Katie, and I on my previous blog entry.
My Ch. 11-13 entry also has a lot of related information and comments on Hot Text.
Here are some blog entries that relate to mine.
Karissa's blog on ch.14-16 is great. Wait, her whole blog is.
Cherie's blogs always make me laugh and are ridiculously smart.
Tiffany's Ch. 14-16 gave me alot of insights.
Rachel is great at summing things up that I would never be able to.

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