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October 23, 2006

Watch out for Wikipedia errors

I felt so bad for the man whose name was slandered when he was referred to as Kennedy's assassin. I can't believe that a website that allows just anyone to publish whatever they want will not have some type of policy regarding users who slander others. It took days for the man's name to be removed. I think that whoever posted such a thing should be persecuted and while it may infringe on privacy rights, I think if you're going to put something out there tha high school students are going to be gullible enough to read and spread further, you should have to pay the consequences. I think that while Wikipedia is a good source for quick summaries of a book you're reading, I wouldn't use it for a final paper. I think there should be some type of disclaimer or warning on the homepage about the fact that anyone can publish anything and it could be wrong so that other resource cites and magazines can't complain about Wikipedia further.

Posted by ErinWaite at October 23, 2006 02:30 PM


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