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November 13, 2006

Blog Port. Dos is definitely the most.....

....Uneventful ( or sucky? nah...well kinda.) Still blogging at least once a day. Now that everyone's creating IF, really having fun with things, and the end of the year is rapidly approaching, I am getting in my sloooogggg mode. This is when the pressure (aka Joy) of the holidays is making me feel like I'm moving in quicksand. ‘Kay that was pretty random, but I've had so much happen this semester that I feel like I lived at least 5 lives. Now I'll shut up with this background noise and show you one of the lives....

Birth (of ideas):Coverage (well, not much, you're born naked usually right? Maybe next year yuppies will figure out how to give birth to babies pre-clad in Louis Vuitton and great shoes for a grand entrance in the hospital) entrance into a world of people who think they know everything and in the end realize: we still know nothing but had fun trying to figure out what we did learn and love, from way-back-in-the-day. We take that same knowledge and try to pass it down to “…kids who just don’t get what is was like to have to go on MySpace or hang out in McDonalds parking lots and/or bus stops, and perhaps have “White Window-less Vans” following us to have a kickin’ social life.”:
Congo time
Wiki's fun--not!
Schmoozability usability
Childhood: More DEPTH than a puddle (toys and candy, everyone and everything makes you laugh, like bodily fluid jokes and gnomes named David)

Big Mama
Gettin' down again
Be Vewy quite, I'm huntin' a wumpus
IF World

Adolescence: If TIMELINESS is your thing, this is the worst/best time of your life (“I hate my…” and who do those (stereotypes) think they are, just cuz they wear those pants…) This entry is a sketchy example, but the other entries are on time...

Dwarves are cool
IF rough cut
Perverse people
Old school

Adulthood, you DISCUSS your “responsibilities,” but still having fun shirking them just for a minute….or more.
(aka suburbia sux n we gossip about other bus stop moms and quickly switch to drinking at 2 in the afternoon just cuz we can, cuz I’m the adult, and “because I said so.” This will be my favorite parent cliché bomb to drop on my future kids when I want to annoy them as much as they’ll annoy me.


Death: COMMENTS of others at the funeral about how you Lived

Primo: “Uncle Dale was the first person to pass out at the family reunions, ‘lil Becky,” (fast and painless words on someone else’s blog.)

Grande: “’Member how we was all at the far hall makin’ hotdogs for Cheyenne’s weddin n’ right after, at home, Aunt Janice split her pants tryin to get the ‘fridgerator off the porch cuz we was havin’ company an’ they was gonna take our pitcher, but then you crapped your pants so….” (Shut up, strange relatives. I think you’re at the wrong funeral because Uncle Dale was the one the crapped his pants in MY family.”) * The big rant on someone else’s blog that gets kicked around a good bit.*

*Don’t know where all of the above came from, but I do know about wheelbarrows and Guinevere (this blog’s themed for you, Shannon), and if you watch closely monkeys also fly out sometimes too.*

Wildcard: If we have nametags, a vest, or a whistle, we have authority!

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