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November 02, 2006

Who's your Big Mama?

Well now, Miss Kilgore and I had quite a time just trying to find something that we didn't have to waste time downloading, but luckily we came acrossed a game called "The Big Mama," by Brenda Barnwell. The game is basically about a guy named Paul who gets dumped by his girlfriend and goes up and down the beach trying to figure out why he got dumped. There are vivid descriptions of everything from the parking lot to the way the beach looks, but Big Mama is still a mystery to me. Maybe Karissa discovered it because I certainly did it. I'm going to blog more when I get her response, but here's a preview based on the e-mail I sent her.

First, I was told without a blanket and a baby, I couldn't go "under the boardwalk." Next, "I don't understand that verb" popped up every time I typed "walk," "talk," etc. Then a lightbulb clicked and I realized, "Hey you gotta type in what direction you wanted to go." I typed in west and ended up in parking lots full of ashphalt. I never figured out why that girl and Paul broke up in the beginning did you? Anyway, a little sidetracked, but once I realized all I was looking at were a bunch of cars and wasn't meeting any drunks that might tell me about the break-up as promised, I headed towards the gee-dunks and learned about all the cool little shops, bars, and restaurants, but I still didn't meet any people.

Finally, I met a girl named Emily in a bikini that kept bending over, and I thought, "Oh no, is this going to be like San Andreas on X-box, where I'll have to be a purv and ask her for info on my ex, then take advantage of her?"

Alas, that was not the case. I said hi and asked if she was alone. She was flirty, but I remained a gentleman. I guess it's easier for us to do, since we are girls with brains. Then, it said I began a new phase of my life because I took a walk and held hands with Emily and that was it. I then went back to the game and tried a few more options to get different endings. When we played board games, the same thing happened. When I did say something suggestive, "You've been rejected!" was the ending. Basically, you can tell a woman wrote this game and I'm glad because I'm sick of games that exploit women.

Overall, I was kind of disappointed. While the descriptions were nice (the whole beach and the boardwalk), I couldn't seem to meet anyone but Emily. I was hoping to talk with some surfers, perhaps actually get to surf with Big Mama, and find out why "I" got dumped. I will say this game was much easier for me than the ones we played in class. The only one I could play was Galatea, so what do I know. Did you meet anyone cool? Did you succeed? Were your endings and results different? I'm looking forward to finding out! This was easy at least.

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