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December 4, 2006

Corning: a new definition for an old Halloween activity

Corning- the act of throwing corn kernels at neighbors houses during the fall season and running away before you are caught. This falls in with other not-so-wholesome activities of toilet-papering and egging. Well-known in the Pennsylvania area and not as common in others, this activity is considered clean fun by some and harmful by others. Children of all ages participate in it and the corn is carried in various objects not limited to and including plastic bags, tube socks, and pillow cases. Corn for this activity is often obtained from grocery stores, corn fields, and even husks from the stalks that people decorate their houses with in the fall. While the police are sometimes called, there is no record of anyone being arrested for corning. The most punishment is usually a lecture against it from the parents and/or the police about the dangers of disturbing the peace or breaking the property of others with flying corn-kernels. There is no exact time when it began, but it is a thriving tradition and still well-known in areas of suburbia.

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December 3, 2006

Linkin' richly: The Progess Report

We are coming to a grinding halt here, folks! While this year has been a series of hospital trips and all-nighters, I still managed to hav fun and actually learn something. I even blogged for fun and did a pretty decent portfolio that shows I managed to stay current and link properly despite the chaos. As for my experiences with Wikipedia, I am still learning, but had fun putting in my random thoughts during my first try at contributing and gave my comments on it's reliability. I had never stepped into the wonderful world of IF either, but had some valuable experiences. I'd rather curl up with coffee and a book. Creating my own game was probably my least favorite part of the year, but with a little help from the lovely Lori I managed to scrounge something up and was actually able to play it. I really got into some great discussions with Cherie, href="blogs.setonhill.edu/KarissaKilgore">Karissa, and Rachel this year because we all found ways to help eachother and they are great to bounce ideas off of. I learned alot about linking, how to build my first website, and most of all how to get my point acrossed in an effecient manner. I had fun creating my website and developed it from checking out my own movie collection and looking at some cool sites tha featured them. Since I am not so good with the technical stuff and IF, I put alot of time and thought into my blog entries and focused the most on brushing up on my writing skills. As of now, I've started to research corning and only found stuff about states, so I'm continuing my creation of an entry about that because bipolar disorder is very common now and there's a lot of info on it. I found that people from other states and areas don't necessarily know what corning is. It's similar to egging, except less harmful. During the Halloween season, you fill a bag or in my 'hood,a tube sock with corn kernels and you wait till dark. You throw corn at your neighbor's houses and it's extra fun to do it to people you dislike. Than, you run away so as not to get chased by the crazy neighbors. It's great exercise, it costs very little, and it's a fun way to spend time as a kid feeling like bad-ass without really commiting a serious crime. I've begun a more extensive version of that and I look forward to making it wikiipedia-ready or putting into a website if I keep having trouble on Wiki. Overall, I've learned alot and hope I'm a better writer as a result.

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