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December 4, 2006

Corning: a new definition for an old Halloween activity

Corning- the act of throwing corn kernels at neighbors houses during the fall season and running away before you are caught. This falls in with other not-so-wholesome activities of toilet-papering and egging. Well-known in the Pennsylvania area and not as common in others, this activity is considered clean fun by some and harmful by others. Children of all ages participate in it and the corn is carried in various objects not limited to and including plastic bags, tube socks, and pillow cases. Corn for this activity is often obtained from grocery stores, corn fields, and even husks from the stalks that people decorate their houses with in the fall. While the police are sometimes called, there is no record of anyone being arrested for corning. The most punishment is usually a lecture against it from the parents and/or the police about the dangers of disturbing the peace or breaking the property of others with flying corn-kernels. There is no exact time when it began, but it is a thriving tradition and still well-known in areas of suburbia.

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