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February 15, 2007

Ch. 3 Keesey comes knockin' again

Keesey breaks down the meaning of reader-response by explaining how these type of critics are interested in what the audience has to say now as opposed to the past which is a nice step out of the bat cave of historical innuendoes (sigh of relief, no offense to history buffs). While I am relieved about this transition of focusing on us as readers, there isnít as much to elaborate because we canít compare every story to 911 (which seems to be the topic everyone brings up as if itís the only thing that ever happened in this country). The author may be writing chiefly for a historically inclined audience, so where does that leave us? I want to be able to interpret the work without completely misconstruing it. I also found the Jungian and Freudian methods in which readers interpret works to be interesting and the way that people tend to agree upon meanings instead of coming up with their own. I think as critics we should find ways to criticize in which we can come up with our own points without abusing the work, but my question to you is how? I guess Keesey didnít quite get me there, but then again, as an audience, itís our turn to make our own conclusions.

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