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March 28, 2007

Don't f with the system, our flanneled friend is in control!

Keesey, Ch 6 (Introduction) -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

"So the system must be already there at the beginning;it must be always already there." (345)
I realize that we are all creatures who respond to signs. When there is a red octagon, we stop or at least tap on the brakes and pretend to. When we see certain faces in South Park, we know it's a laughing matter, but is that really how we are as critics? We could very well be. If everything is already originated from another "sign" or idea, I guess we are not as diverse as we think. It makes me think--Oh, no! What if we run out of ways to criticize originally? Fear not, dear ones, poststructuralism is here to say the day in a flannel a shirt ashing on your lawn chairs--oh yes, he is here to deconstruct the whole poem into one big fat sign that your friends can come over and drink Long Islands around. Sounds like a party, right? Or at least, a more manageable construction site in which you can look at parts of the structure (language being the big boy) and decide where that phrase may have come from or what the real meaning is. Wait, there is no real meaning, because everything we say is a metaphor of something else. Do we really need our flanneled poststructuralist friend, if we're all just a bunch of posers? You decide.

Posted by ErinWaite at March 28, 2007 1:13 PM


Erin, you're my new hero.

I don't think that description can be topped. I said in Kevin's blog and I'm sticking with it here - the entire theory (and I may be totally wrong) seems as though it were born from a Camus-esque absurdist view of life.

Normally, I stand with Keesey. I like the way he introduces us. Yeah, this one didn't help. Maybe that's the point. We don't need an introduction because we know what is coming next. We don't need an outline of the idea because it doesn't matter.

Effing post-structural theory.

Posted by: Kevin at March 29, 2007 4:04 PM

Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate that you were able to read through my typos and still get a laugh. I kind of like the idea that it doesn't matter anymore since we know what's coming. Kinda how I feel about school in general...did I really just type that? I'm cut off ;)

Posted by: Erin at April 2, 2007 12:20 PM

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