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May 3, 2007

Blog Portfolio: The Beginning of the End is Where I'll Be

Portfolio III -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Wow, kids! It's been an amazing year! I've never poured out so much heart and soul into blogging or gotten so many great comments from my classmates. Vanessa and Karissa were amazing help and Valerie's blogs were always so insightful. Jay answered any questions that confused me, and everyone just made me laugh and taught me alot. As I write this I realize that I am going to be a senior and have to learn to be much more succinct. Without further a do, I saved the best blogs for last so here's my "Boardwalk themed Blog Portfolio."

The Umbrella (coverage and timeliness): I was always on time and when it came to tag-teaming lit. critics on the Gilman issue I was no exception.
Maybe I don't deserve a prize. but that's the title of my entry that was also timely and covered alot about old Greenblatt.

The Deep Ocean (depth): I was snorkeling when I wrote about my presentation and explained intertextuality The Tempest was another good one. I also let out my true feelings and called for an Intervention

Lost my lunch at Boardwalk blog carnival: Don't know if my giant comment on Vanessa's blog carnival entry came on or even if my entry came up because I have no responses. Hence, my title.

Under the Boardwalk (interaction/discussions): It's all an allusion Garson got us talking. Karissa and Mitchell really helped out on my presentation blog.

Extra cheese with those fries (xenoblogging) Comment Primo: David Moio's blog Comment Grande: Jason's

Wet and wild (wildcard): Random poetry of summer 2007

Term Projects:
My term project
My Disorghanized Draft of Final Paper I didn't know if you wanted our term paper drafts, so I just put what we'd went over last class.
Freud's the Uncanny Oral Presentation
Vanessa and Karissa look like they have the right idea, I hope to view theirs tonight and blog on our peer workshop. Here's the slot for it.

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