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May 3, 2007

Peer Review Day: I throw this in my porfolio hey baby hey!

The title was my idea of a song of joy that this hell is almost over but I don't think it will be a chart topper. haha. Anyhow, we are feeling so productive that we have managed to correct papers, talk to family members and make sure britney spears is still a nut all at the same time. I am very sad that Vanessa will not be here to watch the Gilmore Girls with me, so we've now completed the very important tasks that all English majors must conquer, learning how to interpret numbers. Okay, so we exchanged numbers, but at least we're multi-tasking. I am cheerfully pouring happiness and glitter into the gaps of Diana's paper and she tells her gum "Screw you." See, I've learned alliteration (glitter, gaps, and gum, oh, my!), but in all seriousness, I've gotten mad help on my paper. Vanessa working in the writing center has been an asset.
Here is what's happened:
1. My thesis is being re-worked
2. She's helped me on sentence placement and grammar
3. She's given me some ways of citing my sources properly
4. I'm getting more sources on Machiavelli and Shakespeare
5. I placed all of Diana's misplaced paragraphs in happy homes.
6. I fixed some minor grammar and verb confusion
7. We talked about ways to make our arguments stronger
I'm all better now, so I'm rippin this band-aid off and callin it quits. Peace out girl scouts!

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