April 12, 2007

Drowning in the Forest

I'm drowning in a sea of works cited/is this MLA style/ Did I fall asleep in my sandwich at 3 a.m. again/can't find my flip flops/overwhelmed with the assignments that seem to try to outweigh all of the others. In other words I'm drowning in a sea of paper. How many trees do we need to kill to prove that we can think clearly and function as citizens in this country where you can push a broom or wear an orange vest and make more money than what we're making as college students and even as grads. Oh, Lord, I've slipped into self pity and venting as I always do when every professor decides to assign a 10-20 page paper with bibliographies we won't even use. Do they really want us to write half-assed papers at the last minute? I didn't think so, so why pile it on now? If they want us to succeed, how about thinking of a more modern assignment than writing a paper. I am going nuts, so there's my wildcard whining blog!

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October 12, 2006

Fiskers beware?

I enjoyed Dr. Jerz's explaination of fisking because there was an actual history behind it. I never knew it came from a man's name and that it was a way of looking at other people's blogs critically. I think as students, we've come a long way when it comes to critical reading, but actually posting it can still be tough.

This takes me back to days when I first learned to blog in Intro to Lit Study. We had to criticize story plots as well as interact on a sometimes critical level with our classmates. Which brings me to wonder, did we fisk eachother at all unknowingly and will fisking become something blacklisted like flaming, spamming, and all those other great destructive words? If we don't "get our fisk on" once in awhile will we lose steam?

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October 11, 2005

a retraction on some man tantrums comments

a certain man in my life, who has now thankfully become a little more "caveman" for me has asked that I retract my statement on the fact that men fake sensitvity all the time and always run away from fights and commitment. I didn't at first but I found a guy who's not a quitter or middle-aged guy trying to mack on college chicks for once, so I owe him this much. My new breed guy dodged a plate I threw at him the other night and even got in my face about it then cuddled up and said the magic words within an hour because i learned that even heavyweight fights need time-outs and women do tend to hit below the belt more often. I'm just glad I have one who can dish it back for once, now that I've forced him to. It's hard to fight with an opponent that's exactly like you. At least that makes victory a little sweeter. And honey, if youre reading this, you are the one who knows how to drag me to the cave. who else would follow me around barnes and noble for 2 hours even while i ignored him? (until I had the guts to look in those Thai eyes,i was yours, TKO). I admire persistence. you chased me around the ring from day one, so i just have to learn to let you win once in awhile. so there, i'm sorry and i won't say it again, you know that, "Mr. Sensitive."

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September 19, 2005

More whine with my cheese

Plain and Simple: What the hell is the point of buying a parking pass that allows you to park only about 20 minutes from your class so you can be late even at 7 am when you can park where ever’s convenient and pay the same amount in tickets before graduation. This isn’t a free lunch, this is lobster prices for fish sticks (I never said I aim to make sense). A teacher got nasty with me for parking in a faculty spot at the end of the day when she and I were the only ones there and the rest of the parking lot was full. Maybe she’d like to pay my tickets or buy my parking pass considering it is so very helpful. Our school appears to have plenty of money to keep building, but how can people enjoy these “enhancements to learning” if they can hardly get to them? I know this is a common gripe, but I’m new to this blogging and extra-hassle thing. I wish somebody would’ve warned me. Apologies for unecessary whining.

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