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August 28, 2007

Ann Coulter... Need I say more?

God, it's great to be back. So, after careful deliberation about the anti-intellectual, anti-liberal showboating that often occurs in numerous locations (aw, Hell add this one too.), I have come to the conclusion that I must give a little advice to our dear conservative propagandists marketers. Perhaps the American public is not as dumb as you believe (assuming that the opinion pieces that contradict themselves in each successive paragraph and the news stories that somehow manage to make the "liberals" seem like lecherous, hedonistic, ego-trippers are some well-designed caniving form of propaganda) and you may want to look for better methods. Con us once and damn on you, con us twice and damn on us...

As a radical (that is, one who has left the miniscule playing field of American politics to run with the big dogs), I get a real good laugh at these attempts to glaze over the real issues. Even Iraq is a small concern compared to Global American Imperialism ® commonly shortened to Globalization. (I am more anti-gai than our dear ol' Annie, by the way.) All the contras that took place in South America far exceed anything attempted overseas. Whether stifling coups in Nicaragua, putting friendly surprise developments in Panama, telling Hugo Chavez that feeding poor Latinos in Venezuela is a crime against democracy (I guess people need an incentive to make life better for themselves, too?), or moving farm jobs from Mexico to this side of the Rio Grande.

Just to set the record straight, Mexicans aren't stealing our jobs... They are just in the process of having their jobs relocated. It's like a Nazi death camp... just without the messy ovens. I get sick of hearing the blatantly racist jokes, the hate, the bigotry. I don't hate Mexicans. I don't hate any immigrant. By Christ, come in! Join the madhouse! What I do hate, however, are the sick, twisted, perverse and non-sequitur ideologies such as Reganomics. It makes the Stepford Wives look like a Kropotkin colony.

Greed is good? I'll just remember that after the Red Revolution when you rich bastards are starving on the streets of socialism.

"Hey! Aren't you the one that said rational self-interest benefits everyone? What's that? Hungry? Here, have an ultra-processed can of (Jesus, I don't know what). It ain't caviar, but it may have meat in it... somewhere. Just push the organs aside. Ah, the bliss of trickle-down benefits courtesy of the dictatorship of the proletariat."

This has been a message from CLR, reminding you that true democracy can only start in the absence of a middle man. Lets give 'em a real reason to wiretap the phones! And remember... Corporate media is to news as distillation is to water.

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