March 01, 2004

Spring Break!!

Well I just recently got back from going home over Spring Break. Throughout the whole time I came to Seton Hill I never really got homesick. Because in the beginning I was excited about coming here and the school was everything that I ever wanted it to be, so there wasn't must room for homesickness. Then there was Fall break but it was too cold to go out and I had alot of homework to do so I went home and then came back nothing fun. And then I had Thanksgiving Break, but I wasn't home much so I never really had time to get back into my old life. And then there was the month break that we had for Christmas, but that was TOO long so I was anxious to go back to school.
Now, here is the catch. Over Spring Break I had about 10 days to go home and get back into the way things used to be back at home. It was nice and sunny and all of my friends were out and I went to parties and had such a good time hanging out with my friends again and my family was great and everyone got along. When it came Monday and I had to go back to school it was the first time I felt like crying! It was the first time that I actually thought about how much I missed everyone. I still love Seton Hill and I can't wait to go home for the summer! When my dad was driving me to the train station I said, "Papa I can't wait till May cause then I'll be home for good! and my dad said, "Gi, the worst part about leaving you up at school was I know now that you'll never be home for good!" Now tell me how sad that was! I guess it's the truth, but most people do not realize it. So that's my sad, but happy Spring Break Story.

Posted by GinaBurgese at March 1, 2004 02:57 PM
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