March 11, 2004

"It's all about the Kid"

There are millions of crimes that occur each day in the United States that are commited. I read my local newspaper everyday and each day it seems to get worse and worse. The big story that has made the front cover of the Philadelphia Daily News for almost the past week has been about a little girl that was "dead" from a fire that happened in her home when she was only ten days old. This happened six years ago. There was no death certificate issued and the mother insisted that the baby was kidnapped. With new facts now and the "miraculous" reappearance of the baby girl, now six, it was clear she was kidnapped, but six years ago, no one knew and everyone let it go. There were many investigations done, but there was no final conclusion as to whether the baby was kidnapped or if she got cremated during the fire. What I don't understand is how did that happen? The mother said that she never believed her baby was dead. She always thought someone kidnapped her. I do not have an education on how to solve crime but I do have some common sense. What seems weird to me is that as soon as the woman, Corres, came to the door asking for help with her car that is when the "father" went outside to see what was wrong with the car that was when the house caught on fire. Which, definetly could happen, but why wasn't that lady questioned? Why did the mother accept that her baby was dead when she said she knew differently all along. And the next thing that bothers me is I know a mother has a "motherly instinct", but I find it hard to believe that Cuevas immediately knew it was her daughter when she saw her at a party and ripped hair out of her head. That seems a little crazy to me. I just can't piece it all together. Like I said before it could of happened, but what are the chances. Something is missing. Everything is just not adding up. It just bothers me because now the child is confused on what is happening. She has two names, two mothers, a whole different family and she probably can not even understand her biological mother when she is talking. Cuevas speaks little English, mostly Spanish and the child speaks no Spanish only English. No matter what Corres is wrong for doing what she did. But I think it is the city's fault also for letting a situation like that get so out of control. No one os thinking about that child and what a long, confusing life she will lead. And that is what makes me think, "Isn't all supposed to be about the kid?"

Posted by GinaBurgese at March 11, 2004 10:49 AM

This is very interesting. You make so many good points in your review of what happened. I liked what you said about the "mother instint." I think that is so true. The question, "Isn't it all supposed to be about the kid?" is a very good one. I dont know if many people have ever considered this before...

Posted by: Amy at March 11, 2004 01:42 PM

Does anybody from last term's journalism class find this story eerily familiar?

Posted by: Dennis G. Jerz at March 11, 2004 09:03 PM
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