September 15, 2004


Today in Philosophy class we were having a discussion on the text by Clifford called, "The Ethics of Beliefs" and how he said choices should not be made on assumptions-not for any reason without any evidence. But I disagree. I think that sometimes even if you don't have the evidence to prove why you feel a certain way-you should still be allowed to assume certain things without concrete evidence. For example, if you thought there was a child stuck in a cave because you heard a yelp, I think you should go and check even if you do not have hard evidence in front of you, pointing to you, telling you that there really was a child in the cave. Yes, it could of been a wolf or a wild animal but who knows. It's not fair to say you should never do anything based on assumptions. I think there's a different situation to every story and a person should act on their instincts even if they can not fully provide evidence why they feel the way that they do.

I live by the saying, "It's better to be safe then sorry" and I think it fits this blog perfectly. Now I know that people would get very upset if they are being accused of something just because of someones instinct. I know that in Clifford's time (1845-1879) the world was a completely different place, and maybe that is why he felt the way he did. In his article, "Ethics of Beliefs" he did providetwo very well convincing articles as to why you should never assume without hard evidence, but I think that after you finish reading his article you could come up with many reason as to why assuming is sometimes alright.

In today's world people expect assumptions to be made. In our society half of our actions are probably based on assumptions. In the airports, I guarantee they assume just to be safe. If someone is acting strange and out of charcter they will pull that person aside and question and even search them if it is necessary. I feel safe knowing that people are protecting my safety by acting on assumptions and they will not always be right. It is unfair to assume soemthing having no evidence againt it, but I think it is soemthing that our society needs and wants. I am still determined to live by my favorite saying "It's better to be safe than sorry."

Posted by GinaBurgese at September 15, 2004 04:16 PM
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