October 03, 2004

Lit. Slam

For the Lit Slam, I think for the most part they went well. It was a bit discouraging to get in front of your peers without even knowing their names. one thing I liked about the presentations was how people said what they thought after they were finished presenting. I liked it because noone was able to argue or interupt the speaker, because it was all a matter of opinion and how they alone interpreted the text. My classmates showed a side of them that I would of never seen if it wasn't for this assignment.

For my poem I chose "In the Greenest of Our Valleys". With the help of my roomate I was able to interpret the text correctly and after all that was done I found it enjoyable to read. I think that being in front of the classroom in front of people you do not know def. has its negatives. But I think everything has both positives and negatives. I def. liked the feedback that Jerz gave after we were finished our presentation. It was helpful because we knew how we did and what we did which made me aware on what I needed to work on and what we excelled in. Knowing that Jerz was going to ask questions also made me look up words that I did not understand and it did help my interpret my poem better. It def. was no a solution, but it helped!

I personally do not like poetry. I don't understand it and I don't think I will ever be able to interpret it correctly. So when we had to do this, I was pretty upset...haha But I have to say that I do think it was worth it to have this Lit. Slam because it made me a little bit more comfortable with my classmates and I got a chance to see how and why people interpreted their poems the way that they did. Despite how much I hated doing the "Lit. Slam" I do think that it was a good assignment!

I did like Shanna's performance. I think that she did a great job expressing herself. I think that her prop def. made her performance better and she looked extremely comfortable in front of the classroom. For her second poem she spoke very casually and it made a huge difference in how she recited the poem. Also, I liked Jessica's performance. I liked how she moved around the room and used hand movements.

Posted by GinaBurgese at October 3, 2004 02:30 PM
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