October 06, 2004

Different People; Different Reactions

"Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street" was a very odd story that I read. I was almost surprised that the text was chosen to be read by our class. Usually in our class we are assigned harder, longer stories that aren't that easy to comprehend. I found this story not only easy to comprehend but a story that I could actually relate to. The best part I liked was when Bartleby would say, "I would prefer not to."

"Bartleby", was an interesting story to read because it had a unexpected twist to it. Instead of the Boss firing Bartleby he showed compassion for him. He forgave him numerous times and actually seemed like he wanted to help him and tried to understand him. Most people would of fired him the second he declined to do something that was given to them, and the Boss knew that he should of fired him, but still chose not to! I think that is very remarkable.

I was trying to list the reasons why someone would put up with an employees' behavior as the Boss did with Bartleby. One main reason I came up with was maybe it was because of the Boss's age. Sometimes old men or women go through different social behaviors because of aging. It can dramatically change how you react and comprehend different situations. After reading that article I was more aware as to how aging can make you nice and clam or do the complete oppoiste to someone. One of the reasons why I think the Boss kept Bartleby around was because he was not so quick-tempered as he was during his previous years.

Another reason that I came up with was that the Boss saw something in Bartleby. He was curious about everything that Bartleby did. Line 34, The boss said, There was something about Bartleby that not only strangely disarmed me, but in a wonderful manner touched and disconcerted me. I began to reason with him." On paragraph 92 the boss said, "he never drank beer like Turkey, or tea and coffee even, like other men; There are numerous more examples of how the boss says how different he thinks Bartleby is. He wanted to understand him- truly understand him. I think because Bartleby was so mysterious that was what made the Boss more curious and at one point even made him angry and judge Bartleby. One passage in the text, in the paragraph of line 125 states the Boss as saying, "I must get rid of a demented man, who already has in some degree turned tongues, if not the heads of myself and clerks.

Bartleby was such a good story because it was so real and comical at some points. I do think that Bartleby was a very disturbed man and was not able to live in a a society so cruel. The main reason why I was touched by this story was because Bartleby never tried to make the Boss like him, he just did. The Boss really truly felt compassion for Bartleby. I liked when it said on line 148 how the Boss was actually arguing the pro and con for having Bartleby stay with him. It was a good story that had an ending that was just.

The Boss said it well enough, "With any other man I should have flown outright into a dreadful passion, scorn all further words, and thrust him ingominiously from my presence." But for some reason he liked Bartleby and I am going to take a guess and say that I think everyone knows someone who caught there attention and made them like him/her even though you hate everything they do and every way they react. Remember Different People; Different Situations...

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