October 10, 2004

Blog Portfolio 1

To cover the In-depth articles, I chose the stories that I felt I could find different meanings to and try and give reasons as to why the characters behaved the way that they did. For In-depth I chose "An Occurance on Owl Creek", which I labeled, "How Similar are Hallucinations and Dreams?" I think that I chose a good topic for that because it was a connection that I made using both the main character and the events in the story. I also chose to look into Thoreau's "Resistence to Civil Government." I found this story particularly interesting because I found an article written by Sanderson Beck. I liked it because it gave more details that involved the main character. And my final article I chose to be, "Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street." I compared the Boss's actions with the fact that he was aging. I brought up a pretty decent conversation and actually learned some of the signs of aging and how much it affects you mental health as much as your physical.

For my Interaction articles, I chose, "The Scarlet Letter." The main reaosn why I picked The Scarlet Letter was because in class there were many different disagreements with how the main charcters handled certain situations. I also chose Poe to be part of Interaction because poetry is always being interpreted differently. Also Poe usually writes about death so I found it an interesting topic to chose for interaction. And lastly I chose the Literay Slam to go be categorized as interaction. I did this because I do not think there could of been project that had more interaction in it. The speaker spoke and the audience listened!
And that is the six articles that I chose for Coverage.

For Zenoblogging I chose to comment on Lori's Blog. I did this because she thought the complete opposite of me. It sparked a good discussion between Lori and I and also another classmate. I also commented on Erin's Blog and she had the same exact opinion that I had so I was pretty excited! And on Jessica's Blog she asked which man I chose Thoreau or Emerson and I gave my opinion on that which was fun!

For my wildcard I chose an article that I wrote about a class that I am presently taking. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to let people know what I felt and how I thought. It was basically about Assumptions and how they should be considered in different situations. And the last thing that you can take a look at on my blog is my write up about Oral Presentations. I think they were well worth it and enjoyed them very much.

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