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The other crime article I chose to read covered the death of five South African students.  The students were killed when their vehicle, which was taking them to school, crashed earlier today. 

An important quote from this article discussed the state of the driver, after explaining the death of the five students and the serious injury of the other three students on board.  The article reads, "The 26-year-old driver of the vehicle was discharged from hospital and detained at the Petrus Steyn police station.  Police were investigating charges of culpable homicide."  Without adding any bias or libel, the reporter alludes to some suspicion surrounding a seemingly tragic, but simple, accident. 

Because this article came from a strictly online publication, the South African Independent Online, I also think it is a testament to the timeliness of online news, which is practically unattainable by even the most current print publications. 

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Nessa said:

I like how you brought up the timeliness issue of news- really, online is the only way for the public to get current, almost to the minute news. Even television news can't do that, since they have to have a film crew arrive on the scene, set up equipement, etc. With online publications, you can have someone on a laptop ready to go.

ChelseaOliver said:

I'm just going to second what vanessa said, because really that's what I like about getting news online, it's always up to date and the most current thing to find.

With the second story I read, since it was ongoing, I loved that I could continue to go back to it, to see if there was any progress or change in the victims physical state - so I guess we have to love online news stories.

No arguments there! An online story can include video or audio as it becomes available, and it's a simple thing to post updates as the story progresses.

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