When Mars Attacks!

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From the Classics chapter in ABNW, I read "Mr. Welles and Mass Delusion" by Dorothy Thompson.  Thompson wrote the article in 1938, after a radio performance of Orson Welles' The War of the Worlds was mistaken by many listeners as an actual event, rather than a fictional, theatrical performance.

Thompson interprets the public's reaction as proof of "the appalling dangers and enormous effectiveness of popular and theatrical demagoguery.  They have cast a brilliant and cruel light upon the failure of popular education." (264)  Beyond Thompson's conclusions on the connection between increased mass hysteria and decreased education, this quote shows how her article utilizes one small, newsworthy can as an inkling to a much larger event, especially by applying her own opinion to the subject.

 In my upcoming article, I am writing about stress around the holidays in students/young adults.  Although my approach to the article has already been through many transformations, and still isn't quite nailed down, I am now hoping to utilize Thompson's concept of self-involvement and interpretation that will take my personal interviews with students about their holiday stresses and apply them to an overall trend or occurrence in stress levels of students. 


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